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Join Amberle as she delves into the world of Magic through books, interviews, and some fun tirades. Amberle is a self-proclaimed bibliophile, and loves sharing her favorite books and giving candid opinions on recent reads. Each episode, she will deliver a new spell and other fun magical escapades. Check out the website at or H&H on Facebook and Instagram @thehearthandhedge. You can also reach Amberle via email at

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Wednesday May 29, 2024

In this episode, Amberle discusses the difference between blood family and chosen family. She also addresses a controversy regarding the National Park Service and pride events. Amberle shares childhood memories of her close-knit family and how relationships change over time. She emphasizes the importance of choosing our own family and the bonds formed through friendship and shared experiences.
You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @thehearthandhedge, on my website,, or you can email me at  I also have a Patreon at
Keywords: family, blood family, chosen family, National Park Service, pride events, childhood memories, relationships, bonds, friendship, shared experiences

Monday May 13, 2024

In this episode of the Hearth and Hedge podcast, host Amberle interviews Iris Anyamoon, an author and practitioner of witchcraft. They discuss Iris's love for Aphrodite, Hecate, the Norns, and Iris, and her passion for the idea that life is a love spell. They also talk about the books Iris is currently reading and writing, her favorite metaphysical and mundane books, and her process of choosing which goddesses to write about. Iris shares her spiritual experiences and the turning point in her journey to becoming a witch. They also discuss the importance of writing and the impact it can have on readers. In this conversation, Irisanya Moon discusses her book on Artemis and shares a practice for connecting with the wild. They also talk about grief, the impact of childhood experiences, and the importance of using our voices and voting. Irisanya mentions her other books and upcoming projects, including a book on Hestia and the Greek pantheon. They end the conversation with a tarot reading and a discussion about altars and community.
You can find Irisanya on her website,
You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @thehearthandhedge, on my website,, or you can email me at  I also have a Patreon at
Keywords: witchcraft, goddesses, books, writing, spirituality, Artemis, wild, grief, childhood experiences, voices, voting, books, Hestia, Greek pantheon, tarot, altars, community

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

In this episode, host Amberle interviews Nicolette Miele, a pagan, writer, rune worker, and herbalist. They discuss various topics including the Equinox, favorite books, writing process, and daily practices. Nicolette also talks about her recently published book, Runes for the Green Witch, an herbal grimoire. In this conversation, Nicolette discusses various topics related to witchcraft and spirituality. She shares the essential items on her altar, including dried blue lotus flowers, her personal set of runes, and a vintage candelabra. Nicolette also talks about the process of creating her own runes and the importance of making them a personal and sacred item. Nicolette shares a devotional ritual to nurture the bond between oneself and nature. She also talks about her online shop, Handfuls of Dust Apothecary, where she offers ritual oils, incense, handmade runes, and other herbal goods. Nicolette discusses the significance of rune readings and the psychic witchy energy associated with them. She mentions the Lunar Apothecary, an online course on astrological herbalism that she recommends. Nicolette shares her upcoming events and bookstores she plans to visit. Finally, she talks about her fear of saying the wrong thing and how doing presentations and podcasts helps her overcome that fear.
The Equinox is a time for reflection and setting intentions.
Rachel Pollack's book, 78 Degrees of Wisdom, is a highly recommended tarot book.
Nicolette Miele's book, Runes for the Green Witch, explores the intersection of rune and plant magic.
Writing nonfiction can be a meditative and enjoyable experience.
00:00Introduction and Welcome
00:14Guest Introduction
00:46Discussion about Equinox
01:15Conversation about Drinks
02:19Favorite Metaphysical or Occult Book
03:24Favorite Mundane Author
04:17Discussion about Rachel Pollack
05:23Discussion about Tarot Questions
06:23Favorite Fiction Genre
07:21Discussion about Stephen King
08:01Discussion about New Book: Runes for the Green Witch
09:06Writing Process for the Book
11:20Favorite Part of Writing the Book
12:04Least Favorite Part of Writing the Book
12:42Writing Fiction vs Nonfiction
14:38Future Writing Projects
15:20Daily Practice
19:04Creating Personal Runes
20:23Different Divination Tools
24:13A Devotional Ritual
27:56Handfuls of Dust Apothecary
29:29Rune Reading and Psychic Witchy Energy
31:23Online Shop and Lunar Apothecary
35:19Upcoming Events and Bookstores
36:06Overcoming the Fear of Saying the Wrong Thing
You can find Nicolette on Instagram @handfulsofdust and her website
You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @thehearthandhedge, on my website,, or you can email me at  I also have a Patreon at

Monday Apr 08, 2024

This was such a fantastic interview.  Erika is a darling human and was a delight to chat with.  
In this episode, Amber Lee interviews Erika Robinson, author of 'The Language of Lenormand.' They discuss Erika's background and how she got into Lenormand, as well as her favorite books and authors. Erika shares the story behind her book and how she became a professional reader. She also gives insights into using Lenormand for personal guidance and conducts short readings for Amber Lee. Finally, Erika talks about her upcoming events and provides her contact information.
Lenormand is a lesser-known divination system, especially in the United States.
Erika Robinson's book, 'The Language of Lenormand,' is a practical guide for everyday divination.
Lenormand cards are like words in a language, and their meanings come alive when combined with other cards.
Lenormand can be a helpful tool for personal guidance and providing comfort and support.
Erika Robinson offers readings and has upcoming events in Canada.
Sound Bites
00:00Introduction and Background
02:10Personal Stories and Favorite Books
06:14Writing 'The Language of Lenormand'
12:36Using Lenormand for Personal Guidance
29:55Short Reading on Writing a Novel
38:22Upcoming Events and Contact Information
In this episode Erika discusses Tarot for the Hard Work by Maria Minnis.
You can find Erika on Instagram @divine_withme 
Her Linktree can be found here: Erika Robinson | Linktree
You can find me on instagram and Facebook @thehearthandhedge, on my website,, or you can email me at  I also have a Patreon at

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

In this episode, Amberle welcomes author Deborah Blake to the podcast. They engage in casual conversation about pets, animal behavior, and the joy of living with animals. Deborah shares insights into her writing process and discusses her recently released books. She also talks about the challenges of revisions and the importance of feedback. The conversation concludes with a discussion on upcoming events and conferences for authors. They discuss upcoming books 'Witchcraft on a Shoestring', 'Circle, Coven, and Grove', and an upcoming deck, "The Everyday Witches Familiars Oracle Deck," which features 40 different animals and mythical creatures. She explains the process of grouping the animals and creating the deck, including the challenges of deciding which animals to include. Deborah also talks about the surprise release date change and upcoming books she has in the works. She emphasizes the importance of supporting authors and artists and discusses the issue of piracy. Deborah shares her perspective on incorporating witchcraft into daily life and the joy of everyday witchcraft.
You can find Deborah on Instagram and Threads @deborahblakeauthor
You can find Amberle on Instagram and Facebook @thehearthandhedge, her website,, or you can email her at  She also has a Patreon at If you like what you hear, consider leaving a review wherever you find you podcasts.
Special thanks to ksbrmusic on for the wonderful intro music, and Michael of L12 Graffix ( for the beautiful logo and graphic arts needs.
Production team: Amberle Light 
00:00Introduction and Warm Welcome
00:42Casual Conversation and Small Talk
03:03Living with Animals and the Joy They Bring
04:08Reading and Writing
05:20Recent Books and Writing Process
06:18Challenges in Writing and Editing
07:39Being a Professional Author
08:07The Importance of Revisions and Feedback
09:26Newly Released Books
10:24Book Releases and Reprints
12:19The Eclectic Witches Book of Shadows Companion
13:42Author's Excitement and Book Openings
14:47Upcoming Events and Conferences
21:32Missing In-Person Interactions
24:02Paganicon and Other Conferences
25:28Sacred Space Conference in Baltimore
26:32Traveling and Family
27:27Cruises and River Cruises
29:31Bird Watching and Bears
34:02Witchcraft on a Shoestring
36:20Circle, Coven, and Grove
42:16The Year of Magical Practice
46:25Upcoming Tarot Deck
46:40Introduction to the Everyday Witches Familiars Oracle
47:23Grouping Animals and Mythical Creatures
48:24The Process of Creating the Oracle Deck
48:56Surprise Release Date Change
49:50Upcoming Books: Llewellyn's Little Book of Spellcraft
50:48Supporting Other Authors and the Issue of Piracy
53:40The Challenge of Keeping Up with Reading
54:42The Importance of Supporting Authors and Artists
56:43The Impact of Piracy on Tarot Decks
58:46The Challenges of Being an Author
01:00:05The Reality of Making Money as an Author
01:02:02The Everyday Witch Way of Life
01:04:12Adapting Rituals and Practices
01:05:16Incorporating Witchcraft into Daily Life
01:06:18The Joy of Everyday Witchcraft
01:07:44Enjoying Podcast Interviews
01:08:17Closing Remarks

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

SummaryIn this episode of the Hearth and Hedge podcast, host Amber Lee interviews Casey Zabala, an author, artist, and intuitive witch. Casey shares her journey into spirituality and the creation of her tarot decks. She discusses her latest deck, the Weird Sisters, which is a deck of spells and rituals. Casey also talks about the importance of personal magic and the power of Oracle decks. She shares her favorite and least favorite parts of creating the Weird Sisters deck and offers insights into altars and their significance. Casey also shares upcoming events and where listeners can find her online.
Casey Zabala has been studying tarot and working with intuitive and symbolic realms for 20 years.
The Weird Sisters deck was created after working with the Norns, the three who weave the webs of fate.
Oracle decks invite creativity and personalization in magic, while tarot decks offer occult symbolism and structure.
Casey can be found on Instagram @wandererstarot and @witchesconfluence, on Substack @notesfromthehedge, on her websites, and, and on Patreon, at
April 4, 2024 Casey will be in London at She's Lost Control and on April 5, also in London, at The Atlantis Bookshop.
You can find Amberle on Instagram and Facebook @thehearthandhedge, her website,, or you can email her at  She also has a Patreon at If you like what you hear, consider leaving a review wherever you find you podcasts.
Special thanks to ksbrmusic on for the wonderful intro music, and Michael of L12 Graffix ( for the beautiful logo and graphic arts needs.
Production team: Amberle Light 

Monday Feb 26, 2024

Buckle up!  This is a long one!
In this episode, Amberle interviews author Rick de Yampert about his new book, 'Crows and Ravens: Mystery, Myth and Magic of Sacred Corvids.' They discuss the fascination with crows, their memory and communication abilities, and the importance of understanding crow vocabulary. Rick shares his background as a writer, musician, and artist, and talks about his favorite metaphysical and mundane authors. They also discuss Rick's experience interviewing Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and his inspiration for writing the book on crows. The conversation highlights the magical and playful nature of crows and the accessibility of forming a connection with them in everyday life. In this part of the conversation, Rick de Yampert discusses altering consciousness to access other realms and the importance of creating a physical altar. He shares his personal experiences with crows and ravens, including a stone he brought back from Ireland and the significance of Maeve in his spiritual path. Rick also explains his method of using crows in divination and shares a ritual for letting the crows shuffle his tarot deck. Lastly, he explores the dark side of corvids and compares different crow-themed tarot decks. In this conversation, Rick and Amberle discuss the process of analyzing oracle cards and the significance of the cards they draw. They explore the themes of freedom and cashing, relating them to practical and spiritual aspects of life. The importance of memory and the act of cashing memories are also discussed, highlighting the value of preserving and cherishing personal experiences. The conversation touches on the concept of living in the eternal now and the wisdom of embracing the present moment. The chapters also delve into the idea of saving for the future and the balance between adulting and maintaining a sense of playfulness and joy. The conversation concludes with a discussion on future pagan gatherings and the role of music in pagan practice.
You can reach Rick on Instagram @rickdeyampert, or his websites or
Crows have remarkable memory and communication abilities, and they can remember humans who have favored or been aggressive towards them.
Understanding crow vocabulary can help forge a deeper connection with these creatures and enable better communication.
Rick de Yampert's book, 'Crows and Ravens: Mystery, Myth and Magic of Sacred Corvids,' explores the magical and playful nature of crows and provides insights into their significance in pagan spirituality.
Observing and interacting with crows can be a powerful way to connect with nature and tap into our own sense of playfulness and wonder. Altering consciousness can provide access to other realms and spiritual experiences.
Creating a physical altar can serve as a focal point for spiritual practice and connection.
Crows and ravens hold significance in various mythologies and can be used in divination practices.
Different tarot decks with crow themes offer unique perspectives and symbolism.
Exploring the dark side of corvids can deepen understanding of the circle of life and the complexities of nature.
00:00Introduction and Background
00:35The Fascination with Crows
01:31Crows' Memory and Communication
03:19Understanding Crow Vocabulary
04:34Introducing Rick de Yampert
05:18Rick's Background and Career
06:41Rick's Music and Art
07:56Shared Connection to New Mexico
08:41Favorite Drinks and Current Reading
11:40Favorite Metaphysical and Mundane Authors
14:05Interviewing Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
21:12Rick's New Book: Crows and Ravens
23:49The Inspiration Behind the Book
25:28Observing Crows in the Backyard
27:23Crows as Magical Creatures
29:21The Science of Corvids
31:16The Playfulness of Crows
34:31Writing the Book as a Magical Act
37:05Connecting with Crows in Everyday Life
41:09The Playful Nature of Crows
42:07Altering Consciousness and Accessing Other Realms
45:55Creating a Physical Altar
48:31Connecting with Ancestral Heritage
52:44Meeting Maeve and Exploring Ancient Artifacts
56:11Using Crows in Divination
58:08Letting the Crows Shuffle the Tarot Deck
01:09:14Exploring the Dark Side of Corvids
01:10:41Comparing Tarot Decks
01:12:20Analyzing Oracle Cards
01:12:49Freedom and Cashing
01:14:22Living in the Eternal Now
01:15:07Cashing Memories
01:16:18The Importance of Memory
01:18:43New Old Memories
01:19:13Ravens and Memories
01:20:22Interpreting the Oracle Cards
01:21:39Cashing Memories and Freedom
01:22:31Saving for Freedom
01:23:02Adulting and Financial Responsibility
01:24:09Playfulness and Joy
01:26:27Raven Tales and Chaos Witchcraft
01:28:07Future Gatherings and Music
01:31:30Communion and Tribe
01:35:12Sharing and Interviewing
01:37:11Closing Remarks

Monday Feb 12, 2024

In this episode, Rhonda McCrimmon, founder of the Centre for Shamanism, ( shares her journey into Celtic shamanism and the magic of everyday choices. She discusses living in a community, balancing corporate life with spirituality, and her favorite metaphysical and mundane authors. Rhonda explains the concept of the three cauldrons in Celtic shamanism and shares a recapitulation ritual for releasing the power of old memories. She also offers a seership vision and invites listeners to explore her website and upcoming membership program. In this conversation, Rhonda McCrimmon discusses the pricing and benefits of the membership, upcoming lessons and offerings, community engagement and free resources, and Scottish Gaelic and travel.
Joining the membership now allows you to lock in the current price of £19.99 a month before it increases.Rhonda McCrimmon offers a variety of free resources for those interested in shamanic or Celtic shamanic work.Scottish Gaelic is being studied by Amberle's daughter, who will be traveling to Scotland and Ireland in May.Rhonda McCrimmon loves living in Scotland and considers it her favorite place.
You can find Rhonda on all her social media platforms @centreforshamanism.
You can find Amberle on Instagram and Facebook @thehearthandhedge, her website,, or you can email her at  If you like what you hear, consider leaving a review wherever you find you podcasts.
Special thanks to ksbrmusic on for the wonderful intro music, and Michael of L12 Graffix ( for the beautiful logo and graphic arts needs.
Production team: Amberle Light 
00:00 Introduction and Background01:40 Living in a Community and Connecting with Nature07:16 Balancing Corporate Life and Spiritual Practice10:05 Favorite Metaphysical or Occult Book14:54 Favorite Mundane Author21:27 Daily Practice and Living Spiritually25:29 Must-Have Items on the Altar28:37 Favorite Oracle Deck30:08 Recapitulation Ritual33:18 Seership Vision35:44 Website and Contact Information36:53 Membership Pricing and Benefits38:23 Upcoming Lessons and Offerings38:48 Community Engagement and Free Resources39:02 Scottish Gaelic and Travel

Monday Jan 29, 2024

In this episode, Amberle interviews Crow Moon, a solitary Wiccan practitioner, and a yoga, reiki, and meditation instructor. They discuss Crow Moon's journey from Christianity to Wicca, his favorite books on witchcraft and spirituality, and his experiences as an older practitioner. Crow Moon shares his love for the Wheel of the Year and his favorite Sabbaths. He also talks about his online teaching of yoga and meditation, and shares a guided meditation on the Wiccan altar. The episode concludes with a card pull and recommendations for oracle decks.
At the end of the episode, Amberle shares a recipe to enjoy on Imbolc from Brigid's Light: Tending the Ancestral Flame of the Beloved Celtic Goddess, edited by Cairelle Crow and Laura Louella.
Crow Moon found his spirituality in Wicca later in life after leaving the Christian faith.
His favorite books on witchcraft and spirituality include 'The Complete Book of Witchcraft' by Raymond Buckland and 'Intuitive Witchcraft' by Astrea Taylor.
The Wheel of the Year and the celebration of Sabbats are important aspects of Crow Moon's spiritual practice.
Crow Moon teaches yoga and meditation online and offers courses on nature-based spirituality and Wicca.
He recommends oracle decks for beginners and enjoys using them in his own practice.
You can find Amberle on Instagram and Facebook @thehearthandhedge, her website,, or you can email her at  If you like what you hear, consider leaving a review wherever you find you podcasts.
Special thanks to ksbrmusic on for the wonderful intro music, and Michael of L12 Graffix ( for the beautiful logo and graphic arts needs.
Production team: Amberle Light 
00:00Introduction and Welcome
00:39Discussion about Coffee and Reading
02:26Favorite Books on Witchcraft and Spirituality
03:41Experience as a Solitary Practitioner
07:08Leaving the Christian Faith and Finding Wicca
09:23Discovering the Wheel of the Year
10:44Favorite Authors
12:14Finding Wicca at an Older Age
13:13Favorite Sabbaths
14:48Celebrating Imbolc
17:18Teaching Yoga and Meditation Online
18:27Card Pull and Oracle Decks
22:23Guided Meditation on the Wiccan Altar
26:45Closing Remarks

Episode 89: It's 2024!

Monday Jan 15, 2024

Monday Jan 15, 2024

Yes, two episodes this week.  I had to make up for a lack of them recently. 
In this episode, Amberle reflects on the start of the new year and shares her personal goals and plans for 2024. She emphasizes the importance of cherishing time with loved ones, especially when living far away. Amberle also discusses the significance of numerology and tarot in guiding her intentions for the year. Financial planning and organization, as well as using creativity to manifest goals, are key areas she aims to work on. She highlights the value of a color consultation and announces her plans for the future of the podcast. Lastly, Amberle expresses gratitude to her listeners and encourages them to connect with her on various platforms.

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