Monday Jan 29, 2024

Episode 90: Interview with Crow Moon

In this episode, Amberle interviews Crow Moon, a solitary Wiccan practitioner, and a yoga, reiki, and meditation instructor. They discuss Crow Moon's journey from Christianity to Wicca, his favorite books on witchcraft and spirituality, and his experiences as an older practitioner. Crow Moon shares his love for the Wheel of the Year and his favorite Sabbaths. He also talks about his online teaching of yoga and meditation, and shares a guided meditation on the Wiccan altar. The episode concludes with a card pull and recommendations for oracle decks.
  • Crow Moon found his spirituality in Wicca later in life after leaving the Christian faith.
  • His favorite books on witchcraft and spirituality include 'The Complete Book of Witchcraft' by Raymond Buckland and 'Intuitive Witchcraft' by Astrea Taylor.
  • The Wheel of the Year and the celebration of Sabbats are important aspects of Crow Moon's spiritual practice.
  • Crow Moon teaches yoga and meditation online and offers courses on nature-based spirituality and Wicca.
  • He recommends oracle decks for beginners and enjoys using them in his own practice.

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Production team: Amberle Light 

00:00Introduction and Welcome
00:39Discussion about Coffee and Reading
02:26Favorite Books on Witchcraft and Spirituality
03:41Experience as a Solitary Practitioner
07:08Leaving the Christian Faith and Finding Wicca
09:23Discovering the Wheel of the Year
10:44Favorite Authors
12:14Finding Wicca at an Older Age
13:13Favorite Sabbaths
14:48Celebrating Imbolc
17:18Teaching Yoga and Meditation Online
18:27Card Pull and Oracle Decks
22:23Guided Meditation on the Wiccan Altar
26:45Closing Remarks

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