Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Episode 94: Interview with author Deborah Blake

In this episode, Amberle welcomes author Deborah Blake to the podcast. They engage in casual conversation about pets, animal behavior, and the joy of living with animals. Deborah shares insights into her writing process and discusses her recently released books. She also talks about the challenges of revisions and the importance of feedback. The conversation concludes with a discussion on upcoming events and conferences for authors. They discuss upcoming books 'Witchcraft on a Shoestring', 'Circle, Coven, and Grove', and an upcoming deck, 
"The Everyday Witches Familiars Oracle Deck," which features 40 different animals and mythical creatures. She explains the process of grouping the animals and creating the deck, including the challenges of deciding which animals to include. Deborah also talks about the surprise release date change and upcoming books she has in the works. She emphasizes the importance of supporting authors and artists and discusses the issue of piracy. Deborah shares her perspective on incorporating witchcraft into daily life and the joy of everyday witchcraft.

You can find Deborah on Instagram and Threads @deborahblakeauthor

You can find Amberle on Instagram and Facebook @thehearthandhedge, her website,, or you can email her at  She also has a Patreon at If you like what you hear, consider leaving a review wherever you find you podcasts.

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00:00Introduction and Warm Welcome
00:42Casual Conversation and Small Talk
03:03Living with Animals and the Joy They Bring
04:08Reading and Writing
05:20Recent Books and Writing Process
06:18Challenges in Writing and Editing
07:39Being a Professional Author
08:07The Importance of Revisions and Feedback
09:26Newly Released Books
10:24Book Releases and Reprints
12:19The Eclectic Witches Book of Shadows Companion
13:42Author's Excitement and Book Openings
14:47Upcoming Events and Conferences
21:32Missing In-Person Interactions
24:02Paganicon and Other Conferences
25:28Sacred Space Conference in Baltimore
26:32Traveling and Family
27:27Cruises and River Cruises
29:31Bird Watching and Bears
34:02Witchcraft on a Shoestring
36:20Circle, Coven, and Grove
42:16The Year of Magical Practice
46:25Upcoming Tarot Deck
46:40Introduction to the Everyday Witches Familiars Oracle
47:23Grouping Animals and Mythical Creatures
48:24The Process of Creating the Oracle Deck
48:56Surprise Release Date Change
49:50Upcoming Books: Llewellyn's Little Book of Spellcraft
50:48Supporting Other Authors and the Issue of Piracy
53:40The Challenge of Keeping Up with Reading
54:42The Importance of Supporting Authors and Artists
56:43The Impact of Piracy on Tarot Decks
58:46The Challenges of Being an Author
01:00:05The Reality of Making Money as an Author
01:02:02The Everyday Witch Way of Life
01:04:12Adapting Rituals and Practices
01:05:16Incorporating Witchcraft into Daily Life
01:06:18The Joy of Everyday Witchcraft
01:07:44Enjoying Podcast Interviews
01:08:17Closing Remarks


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